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About EQ Capital


EQ Capital (EQ) was established in Sydney in 1999 to apply the global networks and expertise of its principals to solving a basic investment issue in a rapidly globalising world.  Namely, how to match  high quality investment opportunities with value-adding investors, particularly when deals were happening across international boundaries and cultures.

 This required a Change in Investment Mindset.  Based on the fundamental proposition that true investment value is created through a powerful combination of supportive investors (both equity and debt) and world class management expertise, we developed a differentiated and sustainable investment model based on creating a true partnership between intellectual property, management and money (what we call EQ).

We have successfully sourced, invested in, managed and exited high quality investment opportunities using an investment  model which tightly aligns interests.  We have a particular focus on investing in, and commercialising, high technology companies with the global potential to disrupt industries.

With an established presence in Sydney and Hong Kong, and associated offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles, we have a truly global network to leverage off.  A key focus for us  is bridging the Investment Mindset gap between the  hugely successful Chinese economy and companies wanting to partner with this success.  We have applied our deep experience, expertise and personal networks in China to growing the value of our companies.


EQ is an associate firm of BlueMount Capital www.bluemountcapital.com


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